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I spend about 3/4 of my life on the internet and the remaining 1/4 for other things like taking life seriously.

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(This will serve as my “about me” since I don’t want my sidebar to be too clogged up.)

Hi! I’m Kristia. 17 year old that’s constantly on an emotional roller coaster (mostly because of fandoms).

I’ve been a Tumblr blogger since the year 2009 under the same name but (just a few days ago) I finally decided to create a new, cleaner, clearer, and more personal blog. My old one was converted into a throwaway (reblog blog) and renamed to “zpcthrowaway” (for those of you still interested idk).

I would mostly blog about food, music, movies, hockey, and sometimes even political/societal issues. The specifics are broken down in the tags (for those of you that happen upon this in your tracked tags, just like or reblog this post, or send me an ask even, and I’ll gladly follow you). My celebrity crushes will be tagged as well! Ü

(I may forget a few things, and add new ones every now and then.)

other social media profiles: twitter | polyvore | weheartit | flickr | soundcloud | and my original Tumblr blog that I’ve converted to throwaway.