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I spend about 3/4 of my life on the internet and the remaining 1/4 for other things like taking life seriously.

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"hockey players have it so easy, they get paid millions to just play a game"


spending years working towards something that is never guaranteed

3am wake up calls for practice

leaving their family at 14 

having people tell them “they’ll never make it”

missing out on so much to be there for practices and games

all for the slight chance they’ll make it onto an nhl team

and still, some never do but continue to play

all because they love the game that much

From the last to the first.


as a serial killer my name would be the suspense so my victims would be like “oh no, the suspense is killing me” and we would both laugh right before i killed them






























Marlo and Hitch





No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for.

Some JeanMarco post-apocalyptic AU sketches; inspired by the Last of Us.

Jean is tasked with what starts out as a simple job to deliver Marco to another Quarantine Zone.


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Betty White eating a hot dog

This is gonna be a pretty long entry.

I’m pining. I have been for almost three years now, or more. I can’t be too sure; I’ve lost track.

I’ve been clinging to the memories of a relationship (or a not-relationship, for that matter) for so long now. What sucks the most about not-relationships is the fact that you can’t afford to complain, when it’s finally over, because there wasn’t a label to begin with. No commitments. Just an agreement and an admittance that you both like each other, and that’s that. I left for a while and when I came back… Well… Let’s just say I already had nothing to go back to. Of course he’d have already found someone new.

I didn’t see it coming and it hurt a damn lot.

It scarred me so much that from then on I promised myself I would never again try. That I would never again give anything a chance. I did fall a few more times after that. Occasional crushes here and there, some a little more serious than the others. There’d be those I’d get dangerously close to genuinely falling for, but the memory of three years past (and even the one before that) would be more than enough to put it to an abrupt halt. I’ve let so many chances pass; I’ve crushed so many opportunities and shut so many doors.

This time wasn’t any different. Or so I thought.

I’m getting a little too ahead of myself, so let me just start by saying that you have none of the things I usually look for in someone (this is speaking more on physicalities…hehe) but that wasn’t enough to stop these feelings. You’re a peculiar case. It also wasn’t like everyone else I’ve ever liked before where it was easy for me to find out I liked the person. This one took time; Every meeting, every talk, every time spent away from each other took part in me gradually knowing that, “Oh my God, I actually like the bastard.”

How I figured out? I guess it was that one day we met again after not seeing each other for some time, just the two of us. Slow-morning chatter, memories the both of us witnessed and know too well anyway, really shitty jokes, and mindless laughter. That fucking adorable smile of yours and your gorgeous eyes.

In the forenoon quietness of that small shop, I didn’t find out I was harboring feelings for you. I just realized I already knew.

To me, it seems a little too crazy. Three years and a few crushes later, I’m freed from my fear by someone who isn’t remotely the kind of person I would fall for. I guess you could say the heart has its ways that nobody would ever fully comprehend. They say the more you know, the less you understand.

I know for a fact that I like you—that I’ve fallen for you—but I will never understand why. The only thing clear to me right now is I’m not afraid anymore, and somehow that’s all thanks to you.

if you think i’m ugly now you should have seen me in 2009